7 Good Reasons for reading bedtime stories to your children

It has always been customary in India to narrate stories to children since the time unknown. It was usually grandma or grandpa telling interesting stories. But, with the diminishing of joint families, this tradition is fading away. In the present scenario it is the duty of parents to read out good stories to kids (before going to bed preferably). Let’s know the importance of bedtime stories.Here are the top 7 reasons for reading bedtime stories:

  • Bedtime stories relax their mind from their day work like home work, fights with siblings, scolding from elders etc., They get involved into a new world of the characters of the story and get relieved from anxiety.
  • This is the first step to cultivate the reading habit which is rarely seen in children and adults now.
  • The attention span of the kids is largely enhanced while listening to a story.
  • Children’s stories with good moral at the end, encourages children to be honest. This is one of the first steps that parents can take to build their character.
  • Reading out from a good story book improves their language and vocabulary. As they remember stories for a long time, the words they learn also remain with them.
  • Listening to stories like alladdin, fairy tales etc., increases their imaginative power. Tales with wit improve their analytical thinking. It is also a good idea to ask for solution to the problem in picture before continuing the story. This makes them listen more carefully and think laterally.
  • They may take great people and achievers as inspiration after reading their true stories. This also improves their knowledge about personalities.

Bedtime story reading increases the interaction between you and your kid. They love, fantasies, watching colorful pictures and find the whole thing very entertaining. So, in spite of your busy schedule please make some time to read good stories to your little one.