This is to inform you that we have some rules and regulations and we want that parents should help us to maintain the same. We want your support to follow the discipline.

We want to ease your inconvenience

  • All the Saturdays would be off for the students.
  • First Saturday of the month would be our PTM.
  • In case of an emergency parent can take prior appointment with the class teacher.
  • Strictly no talking with the teacher or any other staff member during the time of dropping and picking of your child.
  • Parents are requested to hand over their child to the authorized person at the gate itself.


  • Those who wish to seek with drawl of their child “mid term” for whatever reason must first settle all dues.


  • Your child must have a clean, neat, tidy and well-groomed appearance every morning. You will make sure that toilet chores attended to before leaving home.
  • They must wash and bath and wear proper uniform, with a handkerchief pinned on their dress. In case the child is not toilet trained, kindly provide a spare set of clothes in the bag.


  • A healthy child is a happy child. In the interest of other children, please do (not send a sick or an ailing child to the school). Children suffering from any contagious and infectious ailment will not be permitted to join the class. Make sure that all the vaccine should be done on time.


  • Saturday, Sunday and all holidays are declared or approved by the Haryana Government and the Central Government are observed.


  • Parents should take care that children should never wear articles of jewellery or bring valuable items in the form of trinkets, watches, toys, books etc. The management will not be held liable for any loss.


  • We insist on punctuality. Our timings are from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Please ensure that your child is in before time. We are a little flexible with the play group children; they can come latest by 9.45am if parents are dropping them. School bus will not wait or come again. In the afternoon children should be collected immediately after class gets over at 12.30pm. For security reasons and to avoid disturbance, the children should neither be dropped after 9.30am nor be picked up before 12:30pm.


  • We are particular about the child’s attendance. A child’s absence due to house guest or relative’s home coming, or social engagement is not encouraged. If child is absent due to illness or some other reason, then please send in a leave letter to intimate the management about the cause of absence. Emphasis is laid on attendance of the first day of reopening after a long break. If child is absent for one month without intimation, and then child’s name will be struck off the rolls.

Progress Report

  • Every month a comprehensive assessment of your child’s strength and weakness will be sent to you. You are requested to fill the worksheet which would be sent to you timely.


  • Though sufficient care is taken on a one to one basis, where every child is well looked after, the management and staff will not be held responsible for any accident or injury that may occur in or around the premises, or when on an excursion, or when travelling in car pools or hired transport.

School Wear

  • We do have a school uniform and we insist on adherence to it. The uniform is very comfortable and functional for the group activity such as jogging, aerobics or yoga, crawling etc. as well as quick trip to the toilet with least assistance. Children must wear black shoes the year round.

Identity Card

  • For the security of the children, every child is issued one identity card. Child should daily carry their ID card with them. Loss or misplacement of the ID card could endanger your child’s security. Kindly, intimate us immediately on the loss of the card. A duplicate ID will be issued to you on payment of Rs 100/-

Books and Uniform

  • Books and uniform would be available in the school.
  • Parents would have to make full payment before getting the same.